According to the couples preferences we suggest the ideal locations churches or chapels, Romantic places for your reception & ceremony. We suggest locations among the greatest on the island.

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Categories of Wedding Ceremonies

  • Renewal of Vows
  • Symbolic Wedding
  • Civil Wedding
  • Orthodox Wedding
  • Catholic Wedding

The locations of the Ceremony will be according to the type of wedding you wish to have. 

Vow Renewal Ceremony:
A Vow renewal ceremony can be a rejuvenating and unique experience for a married couple. Most couples prefer to have the ceremony on their wedding anniversary either to re-live their marriage day, or to grant their wish of a dream wedding they couldn’t have. This way children, even grandchildren can share the special day with them. Only that this time there are no documentation necessary.

Symbolic Ceremony:

In order to avoid the paper work requirements some couples prefer to have a symbolic Wedding. The couple gets married in their own country and has a symbolic ceremony and reception in Mykonos, the quests don’t even know and enjoy it just the same with the views of the ocean and the breathtaking sunset.

Civil Marriage:

Civil Marriages take place at the Town hall in the Center of Mykonos Town. The town hall building is a historical one still preserving its traditional style. The marriage certificate is a a legal document issued by The Greek Government and accepted internationally.

Orthodox Wedding:

Orthodox weddings can take place in several small churches. Mykonos has many small churches in various locations all over the island.

Catholic Wedding:

All legal documents and church availability will be taken care of by your own pastor at your     home town, after he gives his permission and he will contact our pastor here in Mykonos for further details.

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