Decorations for the church, the reception area, the car and much more.

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Flowers & Decoration

Most people think the more flowers the better, but when you have the beautiful scenery of the island as a background the flowers should not overpower it but compliment it. Minimal approach is suggested, and other decoration items can bring out a free, relaxed, breezy effect, that will be more appropriate to a summer dream wedding.

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Wedding Theme

Each wedding can have its own personal touch that can make the ceremony unique and ideally suitable for the couple. Different decorative items and flowers can brig out a magical effect to create a story for your wedding. “Dream your Wedding in Mykonos” has several sugg estions to select from.

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Decoration options:
  • Church decorations
  • Reception Decorations
  • Bridal car decorations
  • Flower arrangements
  • Theme decorations
  • Floating lanterns