mykonos planning steps

A couples wedding is once in a life time experience, each and every couple is unique, people have their own personal desires that should be met.
By planning a custom made wedding we have the opportunity to emphasize in the areas you see as more important.
We find the best possible ways to fulfill the couple’s needs by not exceeding their budget.

Wedding planning Steps:

  • Step 1: Obtaining additional information from the couple, on services that will be required.


  • Step 2: Advice on how to personalize the wedding
  • Step 3: Estimating what services will be required.
  • Step 4: Sending relative information about each and every requested service in a user friendly manner by custom made presentations.


  • Step 5: Explaining price ranges of each and every service requested.
  • Step 6: Identifying & setting the Price for each service
  • Step 7: Estimating the couple’s final budget.
  • Step 8: Working on the details of all services selected
  • Step 9: Bringing you in direct contact with selected associates
  • Step 10: Finalizing selected services and associates
  • Step 11: Making bookings by deposits and payment arrangements.


  • Step 12: Organizing a wedding day time table instructions.
  • Step 13: Wedding planner’s presence on the wedding day.
  • Step 14: Coordinating all associates & vendors upon agreed
  • Step 15: Follow up on delivery of: photos, videos and marriage certificates.