Wish book
Ideas on how to make this simple wish book table, in to something unique.

mykonos weddings.com wish book

Send it in a post card
Select a variety of postcards from your wedding destination like Mykonos and spread them around on a decorated table, ask your guests to write a wish on a postcard and then use a handmade wooden mailing box for them to place it in.

  mykonos weddings.com send it on a posrcard1      mykonos weddings.com send it on a posrcard2    mykonos weddings.com send it on a posrcard3

Let it fly
Hand out to your guests a tag and a lantern, ask them to write a wish on the tag, tie it on the flying lantern and then all together send them off to the sky.

mykonos weddings.com let it fly3       mykonos weddings.com let it fly2   mykonos weddings.com let it fly1

Write it on a stone
A wonderful idea for summer beach weddings in Mykonos, use white pebbles and a colorful marker, ask your guests to write their wish on a stone and place it in a jar.

mykonos weddings.com Write it on a stone1    mykonos weddings.com Write it on a stone2   mykonos weddings.com Write it on a stone3

The wishing tree
Print out the base of a tree, provide ink for their finger tips and ask your guests to use their fingers to add the leaves, on that beautiful painting they can also write their wishes, make sure you provide them a wet tissue afterwards.
        mykonos weddings.com the wishing tree1      mykonos weddings.com the wishing tree2       mykonos weddings.com the wishing tree3

The Polaroid’s are back
Bring back a vintage feeling to your Mykonos wedding. Provide a Polaroid camera with lots of film and ask your friends and family to take a picture of them, place it on the book and then write their wish to you.

mykonos weddings.com pollaroid wish book1    mykonos weddings.com pollaroid wish book2    mykonos weddings.com pollaroid wish book3

All pictures featured are from our lovely Dream weddings we have planned in Mykonos.

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