Mykonos wedding celebrant - Meet Nidhideva

Our symbolic, vow renewal, blessing wedding ceremony is a custom made wedding ceremony prepared and performed by our Mykonos wedding celebrant who is well reputed as a spiritual person. It’s a ceremony tailor made for each couple and elements of your own culture and religion can be incorporated in into the format. We have a suggested structure that has been very well received by couples. The symbolic wedding ceremony can be designed by you in any way you desire.

Our Mykonos wedding celebrant:

mykonos wedding celebrant2Nidhideva is a highly trained holistic therapist & coach. She has travelled & studied extensively in India and many European countries. Her background in holistic living and her deep interest in the art of poetry, inspirational art forms and spiritual writing - as well as her sense of design, style and beauty; has equipped her well for the role of wedding celebrant. She takes great satisfaction in crafting & presenting many different forms of wedding ceremonies – all designed to express the uniqueness of each couple and all containing a very special energy brought by her spiritual approach to life itself. 


 About the symbolic wedding ceremony:

Your wedding is a very special event in your lives - crafted together with a wedding celebrant it becomes a highly personalized & uniquely unforgettable experience.

Together you will be creating an amazing wedding ceremony based upon who you are as people, the interests you share, your passions and the love between you. In this way your pledge to each other will be spoken from the heart!

To begin with, you will be sent a questionnaire to fill in together and based upon your answers she will start to design the structure of your wedding ritual; thereafter you will receive an initial draft which she will proceed to fashion according to your wishes. You will also be given the following:

* Various poems & blessings – to be inserted into the ceremony should you wish it

* Guidelines for your vows to facilitate writing your own – or choose from those she will write for you.

* Marriage rituals – such as the exchange of rings, gifts, vows, ceremonial crowns, wine & love letter ceremony etc.

* Examples of wedding certificates to choose from. Your choice will then be personalised for you to sign together with your witnesses

* The option of a printed scroll of the whole wedding ceremony to keep as a lovely reminder of your special day.


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