Dream wedding Mykonos is a boutique wedding planning company consisted of a small team of consultants, providing elegant wedding design as well as management services based in Mykonos Island. 

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We provide a variety of wedding planning services for the bride and groom and recommend the most suitable options. Our extensive databases and links to all the venues and suppliers on the island, equip us to advise you on how to create a unique Mykonian wedding experience. We are as equally adept at organizing a small and intimate event, as we are a grand celebration. 

Our focus is to guarantee you a stress-free wedding by organizing and planning every aspect of your wedding thus giving you peace of mind. Knowing that a dedicated professional will be present on the day, ensuring a perfect celebration, you can enjoy the exciting build up to your wedding day.

A well thought out design concept can make the difference between a great wedding and an extraordinary one. We try to understand the couple’s vision and make that vision a reality entirely theirs. Every wedding is unique and we bring a fresh, modern perspective to traditional weddings to ensure that your wedding day is tailored to you.
The major advantage of hiring us as your Wedding & Event Planner is that we save you not only time, but your sanity!

Now relax and enjoy yourself..

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Mykonos wedding planner - Meet Margarita 

Margarita Samanoglou is the founder of ‘Dream Weddings Mykonos’ or D.W.M. As a leading Wedding Planner, she is able to co-ordinate any event, providing from crystal elegance to rustic chic romantic occasions her clients desires.

Mykonos wedding celebrant - Meet Nidhideva

Our symbolic, vow renewal, blessing wedding ceremony is a custom made wedding ceremony prepared and performed by our Mykonos wedding celebrant who is well reputed as a spiritual person. It’s a ceremony tailor made for each couple and elements of your own culture and religion can be incorporated in into the format. We have a suggested structure that has been very well received by couples. The symbolic wedding ceremony can be designed by you in any way you desire.